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In 2019, Audacious Veg will starting up it's traineeship programme. Currently under design, the programme will look at base horticultural skills in a food growing operational context but will also explore elements of resourcefulness in a land-base economy. Our traineeships are going to be designed for young people starting out, but as career changes ourselves, we're open to everyone.

What do we mean?
We'll be exploring the use of natural resources to their full potential; Audacious Veg grows plants and sells them into the food market, because that's where our interests lie, but there are a whole range of other things that plants lend themselves too, growing to cook and sell on those, homemade cosmetics, cordials, household products and much more. Thorough out the long course we'll start building up an intimate knowledge of the plants around us, their uses, and explore how, if trainees wanted too, you could experiment with your own enterprise ideas. We want Audacious Veg to be a safe place to explore your ideas, pass on our knowledge of how we're building our enterprise and the lessons learnt and empower you to give things a go.

As we go through the planning, we're keen to start gaging interest and to also understand what it is you want from a traineeship and how we can make your time spent with us, valuable for you, your needs and your aspirations.

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