2019 Northwestern Football Instructional Passing Camp Registration
The Northwestern Football Instructional Passing Camp will be held on Saturday, June 15th, 2019.

There will be one session of the passing camp from 8 am-12 pm.

Each session will offer:
-A 20 minute instructional warm-up.
-Four (4) 45-minute passing competitions versus other high schools.
-7 Players from each team will be permitted to be on the field at a time.

The cost is $300 per team. Payment in full is required by Friday, May 24th, 2019

Each team must bring:
Helmets and Mouthpieces
Coordinated Jerseys

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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is this a 7 on 7 camp?
Answer: Yes, each team will be permitted to have 7 players on the field at a time. Teams will rotate between offense and defense during the scheduled matchups.

Question: Will we face anyone we are scheduled to play this season?
Answer: No, we will make sure that teams scheduled to play each other in the 2019 season do not match up against each other during this camp.

Question: When and Where do we pay for the Passing Camp?
Answer: Northwestern Football will send you an invoice for your participation. You can either submit your payment online or with a check in the mail.

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