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Terms and Conditions

•All jobs are charged with a 2 hr minimum. After 2nd hr charges are by the half hour

-A premium of $200.00 is required for pianos, gun safes, pool/billiard tables, and any item over 300lbs. MUST have 4 men to move these items. Per insurance ruling this is in addition to contracted rates/charges and are PER item.

-Washers/Dryers & Refrigerators must be connected/disconnected by the CLIENT. Insurance now prohibits our companies to disconnect, reconnect, or dismantle any appliance as we are listed as a moving company not an appliance repair company.

-BEDS are to be dismantled and assembled by the CLIENT. We are prohibited from any disassembly or assembly of a minors bed. We can ASSIST CLIENTS with the disassembly and reassembly of adult beds.

-Payment is due once job is complete via cash or card only- no personal checks, sorry no exceptions

-Payment must be secured with a credit card at the time of scheduling and will be charged $1.00 to legally bind the contract and the remaining balance will be due and charged upon completion of services.
Another credit card can be used to pay balance owed.

-Any payment refused or delayed can result in penalties and fee in excess of $100.00 plus balance due

-Caughron Movers & The Moving Boys Labor Service has the right to end or refuse service for any reason at any time.
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Caughron Movers/ The Moving Boys Labor Service are professional moving companies yet designed to be a DO IT YOURSELF moving without being responsible for all aspects of your move. This means that you as the client are able to help load/unload your property, direct loads, and be in the truck, trailer, pod, container ect. HOWEVER if the crew of the above mentioned companies are in any way directed or physically assisted with loading or unloading of any type of truck or container, YOU THE CLIENT assume ALL responsibility and NO DAMAGE CLAIM will be honored or accepted by Caughron Movers, The Moving Boys Labor Service or Insurance Intermediaries Inc.
All damage claims must be filed within 30 days of services. Our professionals from The Moving Boys Labor Service are liable only for loading and/or unloading while on site, as we are not liable for the transportation, protective equipment, driving habits, or opposite ends of your move. Caughron Movers is liable for loading Caughron Movers is liable for loading, transport, and unload of the moves as they are responsible for the duration of the move. Caughron Movers provides the equipment for moves but is not held liable if more equipment is needed. In the event that additional equipment is needed/recommended, the crew has the ability and means to obtain what is needed to finish the move for the appropriate charges. If more equipment is recommended/ needed by the crew to safely load all property and the client refuses or instructs the employees to “do the best you can to make it all fit” it is assumed that the employees are being directed by the client who is NOW ASSUMING ALL responsibility for any and all impending damages.
If damages occur and a claim is honored by Insurance Intermediaries Inc. We will repair or replace your item(s) at a rate of $0.60 per pound per item as determined by the US DOT standard weights and measures. Items which are part of a pair or a set will be valued as individual items. Client understands that the crews are not responsible for cartons or packages not packed by agents of Caughron Movers or The Moving Boys Labor Service nor are these companies liable for any plants or perishable items such as food. Caughron Movers & The Moving Boys Labor service are prohibited from connecting/ disconnecting refrigerators, washers and dryers. If they do not fit threw doorways without being taken apart it is the clients responsibility to properly disassemble/reassemble as we are not certified appliance repairmen. Also our companies are strictly prohibited from breaking down/ setting up beds belonging to minors but can assist clients with adult beds, however client assumes all responsibilities for beds. Client understands that the crews are not responsible for ceramic, granite or marble and does not warrant the mechanical condition of appliances or electronics as there is no way to know the operational ability prior to your move. Pressed board, particle or compressed wood is excluded from our coverage due to the nature of the material. Always check with your home owners or renters insurance policies for items covered. Clients understand that we are not responsible for any damages to pool/billiard tables, pianos, gun safes, or grandfather clocks that are not previously disclosed. Be advised that stocks, bonds, fur, jewelry, paper money, coins, weapons, firearms, ammunition and collectables of any kind will not be covered for any reason. These items should be packaged, locked, secured prior to the crew arriving on site. Please do not pack items of this nature to be put in our equipment or leave the premises unsupervised during your load or unload. If any damage to any property occurs please point it out to the lead mover immediately as failure to notify the crew of any property damage prior to their departure will forfeit any claim of damage to property against Caughron Movers or The Moving Boys Labor Service.
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Important Notice
Important Notice
Any and all items in excess of 300lbs are not covered unless declared and approved by Caughron Movers or The Moving Boys Labor Service prior to the service.

The filling out and/or editing of this document by anyone other than agents of Caughron Movers or The Moving Boys Labor Service is considered electronically signed by you the client and certifies this as a legal and binding contract in the state of Tennessee. You are now deemed as the client and are legally accountable for all aspects of the contract just as Caughron Movers and The Moving Boys Labor Service are legally bound to their side of same contract.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us at 888-233-4760 or via email at

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Jim Caughron- General Manager
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