City MOGULS Charity Application

1. Must be a registered charity (for a minimum of 5 years).
2. Must have capacity to assist with printing, social media, marketing.
3. Provide minimum of 5 volunteers for the event in the fall of 2019.
4. Must be able to provide tax receipts to sponsors.
5. President / CEO / Charity executive must be available to attend the event.
6. Must have recent video / highlight reel of charity to show at the event.
7. Must have database of at least 500 people and send 1-3 emails to them on our behalf.
8. Must provide a fundraising platform that will allow MOGULS to create individual fundraising pages.

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Why do you think your charity would be a good fit for City MOGULS this year? *
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We are always looking to foster a thriving partnership with the charity we collaborate with. Would you be willing to assist with any of the following (please click all that apply): *
We love donating to local projects and initiatives right here in Toronto! If we were to choose you as our charity of choice for 2019, where exactly would funds go? Where would funds be allocated? Please be as specific as possible as we like to be as knowledgeable about our donations as possible. *
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Does the charity take care of issuing tax receipts? *
Approximately how many people do you have in your current database? *
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Would you be able to send 1-3 emails to that entire database to help promote the City MOGULS event?
We want to fund a charity where our donation is going to go a long way. What is the cost per desired outcome that your charity is trying to achieve? Please include any benchmark data (i.e: program outreach, efficacy rate, cost per outcome, etc.) *
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Please include any other comments or notes you wish to let us know about in order to help us decide why we should choose you to support this year.
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