Effective Altruism Hong Kong Sharing & Meet up
To get to know people who are interested in Effective Altruism, we organize a social meetup every month. Please, feel free to come at any time even if you cannot stay from the beginning until the very end.

|Date| : MAR 2020 (TBC)
|Time| : 7:45pm-9:45pm
|Location| : Glue, Shop 1A, 1 Electric Street, Hong Kong (Admiralty Exit F Three Pacific Place, then up the slope from Lamborghini showroom)
|Theme| : How Sure are we about this AI stuff?

Conducted in English

Please, feel free to call Andy TAO at +852-60977035 if you are unable to find us. We are awaiting you!

Effective Altruism (EA) is an emerging intellectual and social movement that promotes compassion guided by reasoning and analysis to do the most good.

We ask ourselves the following question: “How can we, as individuals with limited time and resources, do the most good that we can?” There is no easy answer to this difficult question but by thinking about it - being honest and applying reason and evidence to guide our decisions - we can increase the positive impact we have in the world.
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