Zionsville Police Department Public Safety Survey
Directions: Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge. All of your responses will be absolutely confidential.
This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
Section I: Your Community
Please rate the seriousness of the following crimes and quality of life issues in Zionsville for the past 5 years (Please check only one selection for each item)
Burglary/Home break ins *
Assaults *
Domestic Violence *
Unlawful drug use *
Unsupervised house parties *
Animal control problems *
Property theft *
Speeding motor vehicles *
Drunk driving *
Credit card/check fraud *
Computer/Internet problems *
Vehicle theft *
Harassing/Annoying phone calls *
Vandalism *
Parking problems *
Solicitors *
Pedestrian safety *
Unnecessary noise *
Your answer
2. Have you ever been the victim of a crime in Zionsville? *
3. Have you ever been the victim of a crime outside of Zionsville? *
4. In Zionsville, have you ever: (check all that apply) *
5. What kind of security do you use at home? (Please ckeck all that apply) *
6. In your opinion, how likely is it that you will be a victim of a property crime in Zionsville in the next 5 years? *
7. In your opinion, how likely is it that you will be a victim of a violent crime in Zionsville in the next 5 years? *
8. In your opinion, compaired to other communities in the Indianapolis area, how safe is Zionsville overall? *
9. What do you believe about the prevalence of crime in Zionsville? (please check only one category) *
10. I feel safe at home. (please check only one for the following) *
11. I feel safe walking alone in my neighborhood after dark. *
12. I feel safe walking with others in my neighborhood after dark. *
13. I feel that my personal property is safe when I leave home. *
14. I feel safe when I return home at night. *
15. I feel safe leaving my home/car unlocked during the day in Zionsville. *
16. I feel safe with others on the Nancy Burton Trail. *
17. I feel safe alone on the Nancy Burton Trail. *
18. I feel safe with others in local parks. *
19. I feel safe alone in local parks. *
20. How serious are illegal drugs in the High School? *
21. How serious are illegal drugs in the Middle School? *
22. How serious are illegal drugs in the Elementary Schools? *
23. How serious are illegal drugs in playgrounds and recreation areas? *
Section II: The Police Department
Please respond wheather you agree or disagree with the following statements: (Please check one box for each item)
1. The police presence in my neighborhood is appropriate for the need. *
2. Traffic enforcement in Zionsville meets the needs of the community. *
3. The Police Department gives proper attention to minor crimes (i.e. vandalism, disturbances, etc.) *
4. The Police Department is providing appropriate community education and outreach programs. *
5. Efforts of the Police Department to enforce the law are compatible with community needs. *
6. Zionsville police officers perform a appropriate ammount of foot patrol in the down town area. *
7. The Police Department responds to emergency calls in a timely manner. *
8. Zionsville police officers treat people with respect. *
9. Zionsville police officers respect the rights of individuals and treat people fairly. *
10. Telephone calls to the Zionsville Police Department are handled professionaly and courteously. *
11. A formal complaint brought against a Zionsville police officer will receive a fair, objective and timely response. *
12. The Zionsville Police Department solicits and welcomes community input. *
13. The Zionsville Police Department has a good public image. *
14. The Zionsville police officers are respected by the community. *
15. The Zionsville Police Department does its job well. *
16. The Zionsville police officers look professional in appearance. *
17. Zionsville police officers provide timely and useful information to persons reporting crimes. *
How effective do you believe the following Zionsville Police programs are in helping improve quality of life issues and or information sharing? (Please check only one for each)
18. Bike Patrol *
19. Police Department Web Page *
20. Police Department FaceBook Page *
21. Zionsville Police Crime Tips FaceBook Page *
22. Zionsville Police Twitter updates *
23. Traffic enforcement *
24. Teen Acedemy *
25. Zionsville Police Department facility access. *
26. Liaison officers assigned to home owner associations. *
27. Would you be interested in attending a Citizens Academy if one were offered?
28. Would you or a family member be interested in attending a Police Explorer Program if one were offered?
Section III: Demographic Information
1. How long have you lived in Zionsville? *
2. How old are you? *
3. How many people are in your household? *
4. Do you have any children under the age of 21 living in your household? *
4a. If yes, please list thier ages here:
Your answer
Section IV: Your Comments
Please feel free to use as much space as necessary.
The thing that I like best about the Zionsville Police Department is:
Your answer
The thing that I would like to see improved at the Zionsville Police Department is:
Your answer
Please list the most significant values or characteristics that a Zionsville Police Officer should possess.
Your answer
Other comments that you may wish to make.
Your answer
Thank you for your time in assisting the Zionsville Police Department in completing this important survey. Your answers will assist us in reviewing our department to improve our service to the community.
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