Spiritual Gifts Assessment
Read each statement and check the number that represents you. Answer according to which you are, not who you would like to be or think you should be. How true of you are these statements? What has been your experience? To what degree do these statements reflect your tendencies?
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1. I am careful, thorough, and skilled at managing details *
2. I enjoy reassuring and strengthening those who are discouraged *
3. I have confidence that God not only can, but he will. *
4. I give liberally and joyfully to people in financial need or to projects requiring support. *
5. I enjoy working behind the scenes to support the work of others. *
6. For me, one of the greatest times of joy in the church are times of social interaction and fellowship. *
7. I am motivated to set goals and influence others to achieve a vision in order to advance God's work on earth. *
8. I empathize with hurting people and desire to help in their healing process. *
9. I have spoken the Word of God effectively and publicly so the hearers felt challenged and convicted. *
10. I am eager to communicate the Gospel with clarity and conviction so people can be saved. *
11. I can faithfully provide emotional and spiritual support for others. *
12. I simply and practically explain and clarify the Word for those who are confused or just do not know. *
13. I can readily distinguish between spiritual truth and error, good and evil. *
14. I research and am persistent in my pursuit of knowing biblical truth. *
15. I can offer simple, practical biblical solutions in the midst of conflict or confusion. *
16. I am attracted to the idea of serving others to meet a need. *
17. I can clarify goals and understand plans and am able to accomplish them. *
18. I find joy in affirming the value and worth of others. *
19. I have confidence in God's continuing provision and help, even in difficult times. *
20. I manage my money well in order to free more of it for giving. *
21. I enjoy doing routine tasks that support the needs of ministry. *
22. I view my home as a safe and caring place to minister to people and am open to use my house for ministry. *
23. I set goals and direct and inspire people to effectively accomplish them. *
24. I am drawn to help people who are sometimes regarded as undeserving or beyond help. *
25. I speak biblical truth to God's people in a timely and culturally sensitive way in order to strengthen, encourage, and corn-fort. *
26. I speak about salvation through Jesus Christ and see a positive response in those who are listening. *
27. I enjoy giving practical support, nurture, and spiritual guidance to a group of people. *
28. When I teach, people respond to my teaching with not only understanding but with practical insight. *
29. I can see through phoniness or deceit before it is evident to others. *
30. When reading or studying Scripture, I see important biblical truths and themes that benefit others in the body of Christ. *
31. I give practical biblical advice to help others through complicated situations. *
32. I am good at working with my hands and enjoy doing so. *
33. I like to help groups become more efficient and organized. *
34. I like motivating others to take steps for spiritual growth. *
35. I am strong in my belief that God will work in circumstances in which success cannot be guaranteed by human effort alone. *
36. For special projects and capital campaigns, I like to give in a way that encourages and inspires others to give generously. *
37. I like to find things that need to be done and often do them without being asked. *
38. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel welcomed. I enjoy providing meals for those in need. *
39. I am able to cast a vision for ministry that others want to follow and be a part of. *
40. I have great compassion for hurting people. *
41. I feel a compulsion to speak the words God gives me to a group of people to strengthen, encourage, and comfort others. *
42. I openly tell people that I am a Christian and want them to ask me about my faith. *
43. There are a number of people in my life that I am personally guiding with truth, encouragement, caring, and wisdom. *
44. I communicate Scripture in ways that cause others to learn and become motivated toward greater growth. *
45. I receive affirmation from others concerning the reliability of my insights about them and of perceptions I have others. *
46. I love learning and understanding God's word and share with those who want to learn. *
47. When faced with how to apply biblical truths practically in a difficult or complex situation, God reveals to me a solution. *
48. I am willing to take an active part in helping with a project or practical need. *
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