Centreville Elementary Parent Survey
The mission statement is reviewed and revised with parent input.
Our school has high expectations for its students.
Our school's mission statement is focused on student success.
Mission statement: Our mission at Centreville Public Schools is to educate all students to succeed as productive citizens in a global community.
All of my child's teachers meet his/her learning needs and ensure they have the support they need to be successful.
My child's teacher(s) communicate learning goals to my child and me through verbal and/or written communication.
My child is challenged in their learning at school.
My child's teachers keep me informed of their progress in a way that is easy to understand, and they are available to answer any questions I may have.
My child understands the behavioral expectations in and out of the classroom at school along with the consequences.
My child has up to date technology and learning resources to prepare him/her for today's learning.
Our school provides opportunities for students to participate in activities that interest them.
Our school provides qualified staff members to support my child's learning.
The adults in the school work as a team to help my child succeed.
My child has at least one adult advocate at school
Our school provides a safe learning environment.
Our school board operates responsibly and functions effectively.
Our school board and district administration ensure that facilities support student learning and are safe.
Our school board and district administration ensures the effective use of financial resources.
I feel welcome at Centreville Elementary.
My child is prepared for success in the next school year.
What things do you feel Centreville Elementary does well?
What would you suggest that would positively impact Centreville Elementary?
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