So you want to become a Ninja?
You have to be fast, you have to do it quick, you have to do it at night - charge our Scooters :)

This program enables you to earn an additional penny into your pocket if you charge our scooters / electric vehicles

The main activity is - locate a Sacoora Scooter that is low on battery, find it and charge the Sacoora overnight --> then bring it back to the street for another day of use.

- There is literally NO LIMIT to how much you can earn from it
- We'll send you the payments everyday, directly per wire
- Work at your speed, whenever you want

What do you need:
- Access to a place, house or office with outlets for charging
- A car, truck, or SUV which can transport our Scooters (optional)
- A smartphone
- Live in Vienna, Bruxelles or Zurich

- Earn 3€ per Sacoora /per night for charging the battery
- Charge 5-20+ vehicles per night

Now, please, answer couple of questions below and submit your application, afterwards we will review it and let you know when you can start;.


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