Personal Leadership Assessment (Shortened Version)
The following questions make up a subjective assessment of your leadership. The purpose of the assessment is to celebrate strengths and identify 2-3 areas of growth that will produce opportunities to adjust leadership to meet the needs of the challenges you face on a daily/weekly/yearly basis. Authenticity is appreciated. If you encounter any confusion, it is recommended you answer the question to the best of your ability. Each question uses a scale from 1-4, 1-5, or 1-6. The numeric value most often does not signify any meaning and only feeds into a rating system aligned to the different components of personal leadership. Answer each question by indicating how you would rate yourself according to the two answers provided. Your responses on this assessment are completely confidential as well as the results of the assessment.
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What is your last name?
What is your first name?
When I encounter an unfamiliar task aligned to my expertise, *
Figure it out on my own
Ask for help
When I encounter an unfamiliar task aligned to my expertise, *
Avoid it
Get it done right then
How much do you like to help others? *
Not very much
Love it
How comfortable do you feel asking your subordinates for help? *
Not comfortable at all
Extremely comfortable
How comfortable do you feel asking your PEERS for help? *
Not comfortable at all
Extremely comfortable
How UNCOMFORTABLE do you feel asking a stranger for help? *
Extremely comfortable
Very uncomfortable
How often do people ask you for help within your profession? *
All the time
How often do people ask you for help in your personal life? *
All the time
Who do you have a tendency to gravitate toward professionally as far as expertise? *
Have limited knowledge and need support
Currently, in my professional setting (both peers and subordinates), I am mostly surrounded by people who are: *
In need of a great deal of support
Self-sufficient and proactive
When it comes to feedback, the following best describes me: *
Its not a priority
I got out of my way to find it
When I get feedback, I prefer it from: *
No one
Anyone who is willing to give it
When I get feedback, I prefer to get it from: *
Anyone in my inner circle
An expert I sought out
Before I try a new process, procedure, or routine, I must do the following research *
No research necessary
Great deal of research
How much do you depend on routine? *
It has to be everyday
It is nice to have but not necessary
How often did you meet someone new (preCOVID)? *
Once a year
How would you describe the people around you at work? *
Similar background and/or ethnicity
How would you describe the people around you within your personal life? *
Same race and/or ethnicity
How comfortable do you feel talking about race and equity with someone from another race? *
Not comfortable at all
Extremely comfortable
How UNCOMFORTABLE do you feel talking about race and equity with someone of the same race? *
Extremely comfortable
Very uncomfortable
How UNCOMFORTABLE is it for you if a stranger of the same race let you know your actions or words were racist? *
Extremely comfortable
Very uncomfortable
How often do you discuss professional mistakes (as opposed to personal) you make? *
Every last one
Not at all
I have a process in place to make sure all collaborative programs have time set aside to discuss results/data. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
When solving a problem, I have the capacity to seek a long term solution: *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
When solving a problem, my solution-seeking process is, *
Made by me
Inclusive of everyone
I know at least the first or last name of every staff member (or 60-100 closest staff) of my organization or team. *
None of their names
There are systems within my organization/team that provide an opportunity for all staff to speak to me directly. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
There is NOT a clear definition of inclusion at my organization/team that everyone agrees to. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Our organization or team regularly offers training and space to host conversations around equity and race. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Arguments should never happen in the workplace. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Leaders should not tolerate opposition when moving forward with a plan. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
When leaders make a mistake, they should admit it. *
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
My core values were generated by my deficits and how I could better contribute to the world *
No go on the deficito
The world spoke and I listened
My core values provide guidance in decision making *
What core values?
My core values are tattooed somewhere
Whether a tough place or easy-breezy, your core values are relevant. *
Enough with the core value stuff
My core values could start a religion
Failures are opportunities to learn and get better. *
What fortune cookie did you read that malarchy (yes, malarchy is the right word for this moment in the survey)?
Its the title of my book that I may write some day if I get some time.
When encountering a setback, you are prone to... *
Support the current resources and monitor
Redirect resources to the problem and get it done.
When encountering a setback, you are prone to... *
Keep everyone in place but have some serious talks where you try not to freak out on your people
Take over that mess and bring it back together like a superhero ninja warrior.
There is a process that needs to be in place before taking a risk. *
There is a place where preparation meets opportunity. Its well hidden too!
Its called. Pray, pray some more, and then ask people to pray for you.
Risk-taking is not about luck. It's about making a decision that no one wants to make. *
This sounds like some fools gold.
Preach on. This question is for real.
Honesty is the best policy. *
If you want to get fired quickly.
For sure, because people need some reality in their lives.
There is no such thing as transparency in the workplace *
Transparency is the best friend of culture. They need to hang out all the time.
The only transparent thing is how little money I make.
People are or are not born smart and we figure out how to navigate the world from there. *
This is some malarkey. Although, Neil deGrasse Tyson may be an acception.
Absolutely. Thank goodness I have a smart brain to navigate this survey.
Failure is a clear message to move on *
If that were the case, I wouldn't know how to tie my shoes.
How else do you find out?
When the competition is above my ability, I prefer to find another place to invest my energy. *
I would roll up the sleeves up to dunk on Lebron James.
Lucky for me there is plenty to do in this world.
Recruitment is the key to finding people to get involved *
Recruitment is for the birds. Not really birds but not for me.
The best volunteers are the ones I find.
There are always enough resources. It's just about finding where they are. *
This survey was definitely made by a blind person who doesn't know the meaning of resources.
This survey may be long but it makes good points like this.
In order to think outside the box, you need to figure out how to think inside the box. *
Is this one of those chicken before the eggs thing? Hard pass.
We are dropping some knowledge here. The author of this survey must be super smart.
Engagement of the community is based on structures being built for these constituents to participate *
Do I feed them too? When do they just choose to get involved? This isn't Noah's Ark.
Field of Dreams, baby. If you build it, they will come.
Community involvement is nice but not necessary. *
Community involvement should be a bigger priority like getting dogs to be able to speak to humans.
Similar to holes being put in your head.
If my team/organization were more like me, we would be far more productive. *
So each of my mistakes can be compounded 50 times? No thanks.
You just read my mind. On point right here.
Plans are driven by results and results should be goal aligned. *
Results do not drive everything
I do not have time to waste, like this survey. Results are crucial to watching if we are getting it done.
If a system created does not result in a goal being met, then life goes on. *
Then blow that crap up and lets make a new one
No sense crying over spilled milk.
Surveys are so much fun. *
What made this survey worthwhile? *
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