D'ing - Designing for Learning
Training Course in Lecce, Italy - 17-23 March 2019
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Please take note of the following conditions that apply in case you get selected:
1. I commit myself to participate in the whole process, including:
- to prepare myself carefully for the event and to do all remote preparation work the team will ask for;
- to take part in the pre-departure meeting with the sending organisation (K.A.NE.);
- to take part for the full duration of the activity (mandatory condition for the reimbursement of travel costs and subsistence costs!);
- to participate in the whole evaluation process;
- to accept the Approval for Filming and GDPR Consent which will be given in the beginning and concern “consenting to K.A.NE. (Social Youth Development) holding and processing your personal data for the following purposes: keeping you informed about news, events, activities and services; contacting you with surveys about current events; using any photographic material, from your activities during the project, in publicity material, in other printed publications that we produce or to submit as evidence of high quality provision”
- being actively involved in the dissemination of the project by writing and delivering to K.A.NE. a short article about my experience up to 1 week after the last day of the project;
- provide photo and video material to K.A.NE. in order to be used in the dissemination process up to 1 week after the last day of the project;
- make a post on social media about the experience together with my national team and tag K.A.NE.;

2. I am aware that obtaining a health and a travel insurance are my own responsibility and at my own expenses. I understand that the information I provided on my special needs does not remove my own personal responsibility for ensuring my own health.

3. I understand that I will share a room with other persons.

I take note of the conditions that apply in case I get selected and of the fact that I will get my reimbursement only after I comply to the conditions *
Thank you for applying!
After the selection process is over, you will be announced via email if you are selected or not to be part of the project.
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