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What originally attracted you to street vending and what do you love most about it? I like interacting with people and seeing what they like first hand so I can make my products even better.
How many weeks would you like to table at Brick Light Nights? (Your desired vending duration is not guaranteed and is based upon availability.)
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Where would you like to vend on Harvard St.? If your location is outside of a brick and mortar business, please list the name of that business and describe your relationship with that business owner. (Your desired location is not guaranteed and is based upon availability.)
Have you registered your business with the City of Albuquerque? (And if not, it's okay!)
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Have you purchased a Category A solicitation permit from the City of Albuquerque for soliciting in public sidewalks in commercially zoned districts? (And if not, it's okay!)
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How do you currently promote/market your products and/or services? (Please check all that apply)
How would you like to be featured in Two Way Street? (Please check all that apply)
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If the City of Albuquerque were to hold more street vending events, how would you like to get involved? (Please check all that apply)
How do you feel street vendors, brick and mortar businesses, and musicians support one another? (Please check all that apply)
How do you plan to collaborate with Two Way Street and Mariposa Music to help promote Brick Light Nights, your own business, and the community at large (both in the short and long term)?
How many people do you feel you would be able to attract to Brick Light Nights every week?
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Can you recommend someone else or another organization that would like to vend in the future? Not at this time.
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