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The application deadline for this program has passed. We are no longer accepting applications for this program.

The Global Mystics Certification starting October 7, 2021, is a new, comprehensive immersion into the major mystical traditions designed to catalyze spiritual awakening and transformation and inspire a call to service in this time of specific challenges and promises.

The program is constructed to meet the following objectives:

● Heightened spiritual maturity that is deeply integrated and cultivated through the embodied consciousness of the mystic — as both an interspiritual study and as its own deep field of learning.
● Integration of experiential practices, contemplative self-discovery, and new perspectives generated in small group discussions.
● For relatively new students of the mystics, an approach to transformative learning through an interspiritual approach.
● For longtime seekers and teachers of the mystical traditions, an additional depth to their understanding and a formal recognition of mastery.
● For professional healers, therapists, spiritual companions and guides, an enhanced ability to apply the wisdom of the mystics to their field of practice and an advanced certification in the discipline.

This intensive year-long certification program will be led by Andrew Harvey and Mirabai Starr, both world renowned scholars and practitioners of mystical wisdom across the spiritual traditions. They will be joined by world-class teachers and artists to present an interdisciplinary, comprehensive training program. This is a special opportunity to learn from leading teachers in an immersive learning environment only available to a limited number of students.

Classes will be held for two hours once a week most weeks of the year. Students will be expected to either attend the live class each week via Zoom, or to view the recorded class session during that same week.

Students will also be expected to attend two group Integration Sessions and one Attunement Group each month; these sessions are essential to support the integration and application of the program materials.

Note that Attunement Groups will not be recorded. Live (Zoom) attendance is required. You will have the opportunity to select an Attunement Group that suits your schedule and time zone. Weekly classes and Integration Sessions will be recorded.

We have intentionally designed the program at this level of rigor and engagement, as:

●      This is an immersive study at a graduate level.
●      The program recognizes that the process of awakening is continuous, cyclical, and demands discipline.
●      There is an immense and immediate need for spiritual awakening and sacred activism personally and collectively in our world.

We are limiting the number of students in this program to ensure personal attention and maximum impact. The investment is $5,000 if paid in-full, a payment plan of 2 payments of $2,550, or a payment plan of 9 payments of $611.

The following questions are designed to let us know your interest level, and ultimately to support you and the faculty team in cultivating a student body that is sincere, dedicated, willing, and engaged.

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What is your experience with any of the major global mystical traditions? *
What is it you most hope to know and be able to do as a result of completing this transformational journey of Living the Way of the Mystic? *
Our program will be rigorous both academically and personally. It will require commitment, consistent attendance, follow-through on assignments, and documentation of your progress. How committed are you to meeting the program requirements and making this program a personal success? *
While the program is designed to include sensitivity to the busy schedules and responsibilities that many of us have, all students will be required to do certain practices daily and with weekly accountability to an assigned Attunement Group and Guide. Do you feel that you can participate in a program that includes accountability to others as a way to be accountable to yourself? *
How does this certification program relate to your current mission, purpose, or vision for your life and/or life’s work? *
This program is designed to create rapid, deep transformation; in service of this, numerous support structures are built into the program including Integration Sessions with Mirabai and Andrew, small Attunement Groups, and accountability journals. What support structures are already present in your life to ensure that you can successfully complete this program? *
Please tell us about any concerns or anxieties you may have about your ability to engage in the program or about the program itself. *
These are very challenging times. This program is dedicated to the birth of your own Divinity out of a global dark night. What is your personal understanding and experience of this collective dark night/birth process? *
What is the biggest draw to you joining us for this program, for example, a specific faculty or element of the program? *
What is your current interest level in our upcoming Year-Long Certification Program in Living the Way of the Mystic? *
Your timezone *
If approved for the program, what is your availability for monthly Attunement Group meetings — offered for 90 minutes twice per month? (select all that apply in your local timezone) *
We thank you for your interest.
This program provides a deep immersion in the major mystical traditions to catalyze profound spiritual growth and inspire sacred service in a time of urgent need for humanity and the Earth. It is designed carefully with prayer-led intention by two of the world’s most revered and beloved mystic scholars to create a safe and compassionate container in which to experience life-changing transformation and global impact.

We are honored to receive your application, and extend our gratitude for your interest in participating in this urgently-needed work for yourself and for our world.
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