Sustainable Invention Immersion Week is a collaborative program sponsored by the University of Oregon's Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with partners from the School of Journalism and Communication, the Department of Product Design, the Department of Biology and the Center for Sustainable Business Practices.

This program is free and open to all students, from all majors (including undergraduates and graduate students), to participate. The programs covers all materials and 2 meals each day (breakfast and lunch). Some readings and video tutorials will be assigned ahead of the start of the program so that students can make rapid progress through the intensive one-week bootcamp.

By submitting an application, you are indicating your full commitment and ability to participate in the program which will run from Sunday, September 8 through Friday, September 13. Applicants will be selected based on their written application to the program.

For further information, contact Kate Harmon at kharmon2@uoregon.edu, Julie Haack at jhaack@uoregon.edu, Mark Blaine at mblaine@uoregon.edu, Kelly Sutherland at ksuth@uoregon.edu, Hale Selek at hselek@uoregon.edu or Ryan Cabinte at rcabinte@uoregon.edu

DEADLINE for application submission is June 2nd. Applicants will be notified shortly thereafter if they are accepted into the program.
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