Sand Sculpture Extravaganza Entry Form
-Maximum of a 60 x 60 plot with no height limit.

-Use ONLY SAND and/or RED SAND. No gravity defying blocks allowed!

-Build will be viewed in DEFAULT Minecraft mode. No resource packs will be used.

-By submitting an entry, you are stating that you are the builder of the creation. Submitting other players' builds is disallowed.

-You may work in a group if you choose. Maximum of 3 people (not accounts) may be listed on final submission form. The first place winner(s) will receive special award sand with their name on it and some special lore (not revealed). The rupee prize pool will be split evenly to multiple winners, if applicable. Alts are not extra people and will not receive the extra items. Please message Krysyy for info if there are questions about this.
Your username(s)? *
Did you use a plot on EMC or a single player world? *
Both should be a maximum of 60 x 60
Please list the Residence Number OR the download link for your entry. *
If a link, please verify that the link WORKS before submitting.
Do you agree to abide to the Rules for this Contest? *
Answering 'No' will disqualify your entry. Meaning that you will NOT win!
Do you allow EMC to post your build for other players to see? *
Please explain the details of anything specific you want the judges to see. *
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