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This is a form to be used for updating your profile during the validation of ChattyMeal concept. The content of this form will replace the current profile info published on ChattyMeals for the respective field. Please fill in just the fields you want to update.
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We want to build a community based on trust, loyalty and transparency. The first step is introducing a mandatory link to at least one of your public social profiles. The link to your social profiles will be available under your profile info. You are welcome to provide as many social profiles as you want. This will increase your credibility and trustworthyness.
We are going to use your public profile picture from some of the provided links as your picture profile. In case you would like to use some other picture or your public picture profile doesn't meet our requirements, please send it to and specify your profile name.
The requirements for profile picture is that it shows a facial image of you. The preferred size is 120 x 120 px.
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