Basic Income Seminar Turku 2016
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Seminar / 3pm.
What does basic income mean in other Nordic countires, and how is the basic income experiment progressing in Finland? The seminar's focus is to shed light on these questions.

We begin with Ville-Veikko Pulkka from the Finnish Social Security Institute (KELA) presenting notes from the preliminary study of the Finnish basic income experiment.

Our international keynote speakers Albert Svan (Pirate Party of Iceland) will be there to present findings of Icelandic basic income study, and Christian Engström (Pirate Party of Sweden), will review how basic income could be arranged in Sweden.

We hope to bring together an informative cross-section of international and domestic perspective on basic income.

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Workshop / 2pm.
Basic Income Earth Network is conducting a workshop to analyze strengths and weaknesses of basic income solutions. Workshop group is divided into four teams and each team given an area to analyze as part of the task. Results of the workshop will be reviewed at the seminar.

The four topics for workshop groups are:
A. Students (in all categories) vs. families, teachers, legislators, decision makers, authorities – all being in charge of education.
B. Small and micro entrepreneurs, self-employed, those working on part-time and people in temporary work relationship.
C. People living in social exclusion: homeless, unemployed, elders, poor and other marginalized – those who depend on social allowances.
D. Universal Basic Income, the social and societal healer.

Download full workshop material here:

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