'Crafting The Spoken Word' - Rhythm and Dialogue of playwriting
Thespo 20 is brings 'CRAFTING THE SPOKEN WORD', a rhythm and dialogue of the playwriting, by Ram Ganesh Kamatham.
Time: 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Venue: Prithvi House
Date : 21st December, 2018

About workshop: Contemporary drama draws a lot from classical playwriting, poetry and prose. Learn to combine sound with the spoken word to achieve sparkling dialogues or comic timing. This workshop will teach you how to traverse from Shakesperean dialogue to contemporary slang. If dialogue-writing intrigues you, this is your jam!

About facilitator: Writer-director Ram Ganesh Kamatham has created work for stage, film, radio, comics and video games. His plays have been performed at major theatre festivals. He is known to capture the nuances of contemporary speech, which further popularizes the use of dark humour and biting satire in his works.

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