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Please submit a new form for each individual piece. For example, if you'd like to commission 2 art deco conbadges, please submit 2 forms, 1 for each badge.

DO NOT COMBINE ORDERS, I will combine them myself.

Examples and prices can be seen here:

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Please list your Pay Pal address, or if you'd like to pay using a different method (cheque, Square, interact e-transfer, pay in cash at a convention, etc.) Cash at conventions is only available if pre-arranged and you are a previous commissioner.
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Please either link, upload in the next section, or specify that you will email me all applicable references or that you do not have visual references. Please include any information that is missing from the reference sheets, such as species or eye colour. Please list references by character name or for background.
Visual reference upload
Written Reference (if no visual reference is provided)
This can be left blank if visual reference has been provided. There is a 10% of the base price charge for commissions without a visual reference. Please include the following information: Character name, Age, Gender, Race/Species, Height/Length/General size, Body type, Skin/Fur colour, Eye colour, Hair colour/length, Special features/markings, Clothing/accessories, Personality, Etc.
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If you have a discount code, please enter it here. If you are a Patreon patron, please put the name listed on your Patreon account and your pledge level.
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Please see here for prices and examples: Please only use "other" for an item I've never listed on my website.
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