Herb Classes with Selena of Nine Sisters Botanicals
I am beginning to plan our Autumn Class Schedule and I would love to offer classes that are exciting for you and meet your scheduling needs. Please take my short survey so I can learn more about you and tailor our class offerings for our special community!
If you would like a $10 discount towards a class of your choosing, please fully fill out this form and write your name here.
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Are you able to attend classes in Laytonville, CA?
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Where about do you live?
Would you be interested in live online classes?
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What days and times would be most convenient for you to attend a class?
Would you prefer individual classes or an ongoing class series? Check both if you'd like to attend both.
What sort of general topics are you interested in?
Are there specific topics would you like to learn about?
Would you be interested in attending a drop-in holistic health support group called Collective Care, which focuses on managing stress through herbs, holistic practices, and sharing stories?
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Would you like classes geared towards beginners, intermediate students, or advanced students?
Are you able to pay to attend classes? How much could you comfortably pay to attend a class?
Would you be willing and able to pay a little extra for medicine making classes to account for cost of supplies if you were able to take home samples? How much more?
Have you attended a class with Selena before?
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If you've taken a class with Selena before, could you briefly describe the following: What was your favorite part of class? What could I improve on to help you learn and have fun?
Anything else you want to share?
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