RAGOM Inquiry for Application
This form is required for consideration to apply for adoption with Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest. It will help determine if you are a potential match for the dog you are interested in (and if so, you will then complete the formal application process).

If you are not currently ready to adopt, please WAIT to complete this questionnaire. Although our process is lengthy, it can move quickly. So please make sure you are ready to bring a dog home before starting the process!

Rescues across the country have seen a dramatic decline in the number of Golden Retrievers needing to be rehomed. Because the number of dogs that RAGOM rescues is decreasing and the number of interested adopters is significantly increasing, we simply do not have enough dogs to adopt to everyone who applies. We appreciate all previous adopters, our donors, and interested families. However, we can only prioritize based on what is best for our dogs.

RAGOM is a volunteer organization. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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