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Please fill out the form to the best of your ability, to the extent that you feel comfortable. I can also make paper copies available if you prefer.

This information will be kept confidential - if I feel I need some guidance from my mentor or TRE community in order to serve you better, I will seek your consent first. Know that informing me of any health issues (physical or mental) will help me to understand and guide you better.
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How would you rate your general resilience level these days (ex. over the past 3 months)? *
Even the smallest things really hit me hard.
I can pretty much bounce back from anything given a good night of sleep.
Have you experienced any small or large traumatic events in your life? Feel welcome to give as little or as much information as you feel is relevant. *
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Are you currently living with any of the following diagnoses/challenges/conditions? Check all that apply. Some of these are contraindications, some are just good for me to know so we can work smarter. *
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