1545 General Feedback
Thanks for checking out out this year's 1545!

We want this event to be as entertaining and inviting as possible, so we'd love to get some feedback about your experience with this event and what we can improve on for next time! This is super open-ended; any and all feedback is appreciated.

If you want to keep up with the future of this event, join us on Discord (http://discord.fifteenfortyfive.org) and follow us on Twitter @1545race.

Basic ratings
Needs improvements
Needs touch-ups
Scheduling of runs
Social Media presence
Twitch chat presence/management
Stream layout/rotation/management
Any specific feedback on the above?
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How did this event compare to last years?
If you participated or saw last year's event at all, how did this year's experience compare to that one? If you provided feedback last year, do you feel like it was addressed? If you had not heard of the event before this year, how did this event compare to your initial expectations?
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What went well?
What do you think went well in the race? What would you like to see in a future event?
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What could be improved?
What could be improved to make the event more inviting and/or entertaining? This is open-ended, all feedback is appreciated.
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Does anything _need_ to change for next year's event?
More than just potential improvements, is there anything that you feel MUST change for next year's event?
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Did anything in particular stick out as memorable from this event?
Good or bad, are there any takeaways from the event that you'd like to mention?
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This is completely optional, but will help us if we have any other questions for you. Discord or Twitter names are preferred for easier contact.
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