Peterborough PEO Chapter Employment Program - Student Form
In recent years the Peterborough Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) has invested in significant efforts to promote engineering to local students through the annual Engineering Challenge, as well as the awarding of scholarships to graduating high school students entering engineering programs.

The Peterborough Chapter is pleased to announce that it has established a pilot program to help connect these engineering students with local employers (with engineering related positions).

There is no obligation by the Employers participating in this pilot program to employ students. Their enrollment as an Employer in this pilot program simply means that they will receive information on local Engineering Students as it becomes available.

To participate in the program as an Engineering Student, please complete and fill out this Student Form.

Once enrollerd in the pilot program as a Engineering Student your resumé and contact information shall be forwarded to enrolled Employers. You will receive company information on enrolled employers, however the Peterborough PEO Chapter will not release the names or contact information of the individuals enrolled as Employers.

The PEO Chapter will share any resumés received as a part of this program to enrolled potential Employers.

Disclaimer: Organizing members of this program are employed in local engineering related companies. They must ensure that they act ethically with respect to information they receive as a part of this program. They must share ALL student resumés received through this program, and may not use the resumés for their own employers use unless the following two (2) criteria are met. (1) Their employer must be registered for this program; and (2) the resumé in question must have been sent to all employer parties registered in this program. However, these organizing members are not required to share any resumés they receive through official work-related channels and outside this pilot program.

By selecting Accept, I consent for the Peterborough PEO Chapter to share any and all of the information I provided hereafter to the Employers enrolled in this program. I also consent for the Peterborough PEO Chapter to email me with updates on the program or available positions. Further, I have read the above information and accept enrollment in the program as outlined (including the disclaimer with respect to the organizing members). *
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