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Center for Humane Technology
We are building a new organization to tackle the problem of how technology manipulates and steers human evolutionary instincts. This is a massive, global problem that affects two billion people and counting. We're working to change the way technology platforms exploit the human experience—enabling addictions, undermining social relationships, spreading propaganda, and manipulating children, to name just a few examples.

Our team is small, skilled, mindful and agile, dedicated to creating humane design standards, policy, and business models that align deeply with our humanity. We partner with an extended team and network across industries, and expect to grow our core team quickly this year. We're looking for generalists with start-up experience who are up for the challenge of working towards the greater vision while simultaneously adapting to what's unfolding in the world.

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About the Job
We are looking for an experienced Chief of Staff to work closely with Tristan and the team. The candidate will be collaborating with Tristan on high-level strategy and problem solving, facilitating productive and intense brainstorming and then driving execution. This is a critically important role that includes:

- Managing Tristan's time and priorities / goal setting
- Developing efficient processes and systems in finance, HR, project and people management, etc.
- Driving fundraising efforts
- Managing and coordinating volunteers
- Drafting speeches, blog posts, etc.
- Coordinating, setting agenda for, and facilitating team and board meetings
- Prepping Tristan for meetings, and, when appropriate, attending meetings in his place
- Working closely with his Executive Assistant to prioritize meetings, speaking engagements, email inbox, etc.
- Leading recruitment efforts (drafting job descriptions, broadcasting open positions, screening candidates, etc)
- Managing newsletters (keep contacts up-to-date, coordinating content) and website maintenance

Strong candidates will have an excellent understanding of the bigger picture and an ability to extract important information from complexity and translate it into action, marshaling resources and operating in a chaotic and rapidly changing environment. They will be highly organized, proactive and fast learners, with careful attention to detail, strong technological skills, and a natural inclination to build more efficient systems and processes. They have outstanding people skills (strong empathy, exemplary ethics, clear oral and written communication skills) and derive satisfaction from helping their colleagues shine. Most of all, they must bring a “no excuses” approach and thoughtful persistence to get things done in service of our vision for how technology can best serve humanity.

Prior experience juggling priorities while working for a top technology executive or large political campaign, a willingness to travel regularly (sometimes on short notice) and desire to stay in the role for a long time, is a plus. Business acumen, experience managing programs and teams, and / or communications experience with social media and press, also a plus.

Job Details
LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area, while ready for frequent travel with Tristan.

EMPLOYMENT TERMS: This is an employee position with an immediate start date.

COMPENSATION: We offer competitive compensation alongside the opportunity to help solve a pressing global problem.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: We are reviewing applications on a rolling basis.

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