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The Blackhawk Marching Band is an extra curricular activity and so much fun that its often easy to forget your commitment and obligation to the ensemble. It is critical for students to attend all rehearsals in order not to fall behind other members. We understand that occasionally significant conflicts occur, potentially forcing a student to miss a rehearsal. Please fill out this form prior for any such unavoidable absence. In case of any unanticipated emergency absence, please complete this form at the first available opportunity. Please fill out this form for EACH rehearsal or portion thereof) that you will be missing. Please refer to the attendance policy on page five of the Blackhawk Marching Band Handbook for specifics.

Please note that filling out this form does NOT mean your absence from rehearsal is excused. It does mean you have correctly followed the procedure to communicate the absence from rehearsal to instructional staff. It is your responsibility to communicate with student leadership (drum major or section leader) to catch up what you missed in rehearsal.

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What is your parent's phone number?
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What is the date that you will be missing rehearsal or performance?
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What is the reason that you will be missing rehearsal/performance?
Please be specific. If the matter is personal, please send it as a follow up e-mail or communicate directly with Dr. Schueller or Mr. Sierakowski.
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Attendance penalty
Unexcused absences – Band faculty will track unexcused absences. See Mr. Sierakowski if you have concerns.

2 Unexcused Rehearsal Absences – Loss of Marching Band Letter or Chevron


4 Unexcused Rehearsal Absences – Removal from the ensemble

1 Unexcused PERFORMANCE Absence – Loss of Marching Band Letter or Chevron

2 Unexcused PERFORMANCE Absences – Removal from the ensemble

** Any combination of three (3) of the above will result in removal from the ensemble. ** The director reserves the right to remove any member of the ensemble for egregious behavior.

Marching Band Letters and Chevrons will be awarded after the Memorial Day Parade.

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