Unified Champion (formerly known as Project UNIFY) School Participation Form

Project UNIFY has a new name: Unified Champion Schools! We are moving from being just a "project" to a sustainable offering within the schools in North Carolina. By signing up with Special Olympics North Carolina (SONC) to become a Unified Champion School (formerly known as Project UNIFY), you are playing a pivotal role in making our schools and communities a more accepting and respectful place for all.

This participation form is your agreement to complete the requirements of being a Unified Champion School. Once this participation form is completed, no other steps are necessary - you will officially be a SONC Unified Champion School, and can begin programming and planning now!

Not sure what all of the requirements are? Check out our toolkit on the SONC website (www.sonc.net) for all of the details and ideas! Unified Champion Schools will be required to fulfill the following requirements:

-Offers Unified Sports in at least 1 season throughout the school year
-Identifies an adult coach for each sport offered to complete the online Coaching Special Olympics Unified Sports Certification (contact your Youth Initiatives Director for the link and code)
-Forms a Unified Club (for students with and without intellectual disabilities) in the school
-Hosts at least 2 whole-school engagement activities per school year
-Completes the mid-term and final report for SONC and the end of the year liaison survey

The following form must be completed by a staff member from the school, and have prior approval by the administrator prior to beginning the form.

    This is a required question