Photography at Lazy Acres
Over the years we have received numerous requests from photographers to use our property for mini-sessions. For many years, we happily allowed the use of our property at no charge. While most photographers were respectful of our time and our property, some were not, which forced us to change our policy. Currently, any photographer wishing to use our property must complete the following contract and submit it for approval. Once your contract is approved you will be invoiced for the amount of time you request. The fee for using our property is $50/hour with a one hour minimum.
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Additional comments
I understand/agree that if I am scheduling sessions during the hours that Lazy Acres is open for business (Pumpkin patch, Christmas season, Bunny Patch), myself AND my guests must pay admission to the farm to enter the gated areas. Gate admission fees are NOT included in the $50/hour photography contract amount. *
I understand/agree that I, and my guests, must park in the designated parking area at Lazy Acres. Under NO circumstances is parking allowed along the entry/exit roads or in our fields of Christmas trees. *
I understand/agree that any props used in my session must be hand carried to my desired photo location and that all props must be removed from Lazy Acres when I exit. *
I understand that my hourly rate will begin and end as designated in my approval email provided by Lazy Acres regardless of whether my clients arrive when scheduled. Also, the hourly rate will begin when the first person (photographer or client) arrives at Lazy Acres and will end when the last person leaves. *
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