We're doing sociocracy!
This questionaire is for organizations that have implemented sociocratic features in their organization. We'd love to hear about your successes!

We will not publish your data in any way without your consent. This form merely serves to channel the input we get into one form since we interact with quite a few sociocratic organizations. We often get contacted in the hope that someone can connect with existing sociocratic organizations, or people who want to write case studies etc. You can withdraw your consent at any time. See our organizational structure: www.sociocracyforall.org/sofa

Most of the questions are optional. You choose yourself what level of information you are comfortable with.
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Where are you with your implementation process?
What shape does sociocracy have in your organization right now?
No worries, this is NOT a test. We're just curious. Not every organization needs (or wants) everything. Don't overcomplicate things. If you don't know what we mean, maybe you are using a different name for it. Only check off what you recognize.
This is what we do...
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Would your organization be willing to be contacted if people are seeking support in your area? By that we mean either people who live/work close to you, or organizations that work in a similar field. We always contact you first and we will ask every time we give out your information. You can always opt out. *
If you are comfortable, it would help us to know who/where your organization learned from (completely optional!).
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