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Thank you for joining the California Student Sustainability Coalition (CSSC)! Members are the lifeblood of our organization: they are the driving force behind existing campaigns, the inspiration for new campaigns, and the foundation supporting the growth of CSSC through service in committees. As the main voting body of CSSC, Members have a powerful voice in the direction of this organization. Welcome!

Members are required to keep contact info and areas of interest up to date and pay yearly dues (completed in this form). Members are highly encouraged to attend regional events or actions and participate in organization elections.

We offer four types of membership: student, CSSC staff, Alumnx, and Community Membership. Student Members are currently enrolled higher education students in California. At CSSC, staff members have the same rights as members. Alumnx* and Community Member are people not currently attending a learning institution and who are currently residing in California.

People of all backgrounds and identities are welcomed in CSSC.

You can find more information about CSSC at
Questions about membership and the organization can be sent to

*Alumni (m,p), alumnus (m,s), alumnae (w,p), and alumna (w,s) are gendered terms. We use alumnx to refer to graduates of any gender identity.
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Code of Ethics Agreement
1. Members shall abide in all respects by the CSSC Code of Ethics (this document) and all other rules and regulations of CSSC (including, but not limited to, CSSC's Governing Documents) and shall ensure that the members of CSSC remain in good standing at all times. Furthermore, each member shall at all times obey all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and shall provide or cause to provide the full cooperation of CSSC when requested to do so by those institutions and their persons set in authority as are required to uphold the law.

2. Members will conduct the business affairs of CSSC in good faith and with reasonable honesty, integrity, due diligence, and competence.

3. Except as CSSC’s Governing Documents may otherwise require or as otherwise required by law, no member shall share, copy, reproduce, transmit, divulge or otherwise disclose any confidential information related to the affairs of CSSC and each member shall uphold the strict confidentiality of relevant meetings and deliberations and communications of CSSC.

4. Members shall exercise proper authority and good judgment in their dealings with other members, business associates, and the general public. They shall interact in a responsible, respectful, and professional manner.  Members shall not engage in sexual misconduct, racial discrimination, and gender identity discrimination.

5. No member shall use any information provided by CSSC or acquired as a consequence of the member's service to CSSC in any manner other than in furtherance of their duties. Further, no member shall misuse CSSC property or resources and shall keep CSSC's property secure and shall prevent persons not authorized by CSSC to have or use such property.

6. When representing CSSC internally or externally, members shall dedicate themselves to leading by example in serving the needs of CSSC and fellow members and shall reflect the interests and ideals of CSSC at large.

7. Members must avoid conflicts of interest while acting in and for CSSC. Conflicts of interest occur when a member does not disclose and/or remove themselves from decision making because they directly or indirectly benefit from the results of a decision. An example of a conflict of interest is when a member recommends their family’s t-shirt printing business for CSSC merchandise but does not disclose their association.

8. Failure to comply with this Code of Ethics policy may result in a revoked membership upon review from the Governance Committee, the Board of Advisors, and/or other representatives. This Code of Ethics shall not be applied maliciously against any member.
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More information about members' rights and responsibilities can be found at
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