Online Classes Survey
Please complete the survey below to help the staff of TBGA provide content that is helpful for you during this time. Thank you!
How often do you (or your child) participate with any of our current online video content? *
If you do participate, which content are you accessing? Check all that apply
Which of our online video content do you prefer? Check all that apply. *
Is there any other Online Video Content that you would like to see? *
Would you (or your child) be interested in 30 minute Online Live Workout Classes? *
What kind of Online Live Content would you be interested in? *
If you are interested in Online Live Content, what time would be best for you (or your family)? *
We are currently reviewing all of our protocols and procedures to make sure that that our staff and clientele will be safe when we reopen. We are addressing all of the following avenues and more, however which ones are most important to you? Please check all that apply.
Once the Thunder Bay District Health Unit approves reopening of our facility, how likely are you to return?
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When will your family be available for return to our facility? Check all that apply.
When we return, which programs will you be interested in? Check all that apply.
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