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A place to enter your social media info and find others.
PLEASE BE AWARE ALL OF THE INFORMATION YOU ENTER WILL BE PUBLICLY VISIBLE. DON'T ENTER INFORMATION YOU DON'T WANT PUBLICLY ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR TUMBLR ACCOUNT. None of these questions are required so don't answer questions if you don't want that information public!
Also it has been brought to my attention that people could spoof others -- put in someone's username and then put in their own username, or a spambot, or similar. If you're worried about this, feel free to use the "other" field to link to a 'verification' post on your tumblr -- make a post listing all your real usernames and then link to that post in "other", so that nobody else can spoof you.
If you would just like to access the results sheet with all the info in it, you can find that here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OUoHRMc3X1EIjs3_LegvM3yz7edpIB0C73ojlX9D7P0/edit
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