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Welcome to the Collective Success Network! Thank you for signing up as a volunteer!

The Collective Success Network is a new Philadelphia-based nonprofit that supports first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI) college students to achieve their academic and career aspirations. We connect students with professional mentors, prepare students to enter professional career paths, and collaborate with the wider business community to create innovative solutions to increase college success rates and build a socioeconomically diverse talent pipeline.

If you would like to get further involved by taking on an active role in planning and implementing programming, we welcome you to join our Steering Committee. There is a question below where you can let us know.

College students, please sign up here:

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We are recruiting volunteers to participate in our four main programming areas:
1.Holistic Mentorship Program (preferably in Philadelphia) - This program is designed mainly for freshman and sophomores to help students navigate all aspects of college including academic challenges, career exploration, self-confidence and advocacy skills, and issues related to physical and mental health. Students meet with their mentor at least once a month (virtually or in-person) and there are additional hybrid whole cohort meetings and events in Philadelphia that are encouraged but optional. Mentors are given a number of orientation, professional guidance, training, and curriculum tools to help them help students. 

2. Career Guidance Program (can be fully remote) - Professionals help students who want to enter their industry by reviewing and providing personalized feedback on their cover letter and resume, and when students get invited for interviews, help coach and prepare them.  Each professional volunteer can be matched with one or more students.

3. Company Visits (ideally in Philadelphia) - host a group of 15-20 students at your company's office to provide them with exposure to your industry and explore whether there is a good fit. It would be ideal for a staff member who is a first-gen college graduate to talk about how they navigated their career path. As of right now, we have the ability to arrange visits to companies in the Philadelphia region only.

4. Learning Events (Workshops, Talks, and Panels) - provide an in-kind workshop or talk on a topic relevant to first-gen college students looking to build a career.  Students are looking to build both soft and hard skills that will better prepare them to succeed in a professional work place.
Would you like to participate in our Holistic Mentorship program (#1)? Being based in Philadelphia is a plus. *
Would you you like to participate in our Career Guidance program (#2)? (can be fully remote). *
Would you like to participate in our Company Visits program (#3)? *
Would you like to participate in our learning events program--this involves offering Workshops, Talks and Panel discussions to address topics relevant to students (#4)? *
If yes, what topic can you provide a talk or workshop on?
Would you like to be actively involved in planning and running programs or fundraising and building partnerships? *
If yes, someone will follow-up with you to schedule a phone call or meeting to help connect you with the right team. Please let us know if you have a preference which programming area or team you would like to work on.
Understanding the diversity of our membership will help inform programming.
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Did you start or return to college at an older age? Would you like to provide input on how to support non-traditional students? Please tell us more about your experience here:  
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