Office of Centralized Enrollment 2020-2021 Online Learning Consent Form
In 2017 Michigan legislatures amended the State School Act as it pertained to Virtual Courses stating that students under 18 must have parental consent to take and participate in Virtual Courses. Online courses are those courses that are offered through Flint Community Schools to Kindergarten-12th graders online under the guise of a highly certified teacher. Students will also work with a mentor teacher who would work with them outside of the online learning on different aspects and may also monitor attendance.
• Online courses are selected from a course catalog offered by Flint Community Schools where students can take courses to meet their FCS graduation requirements and the State requirements online.

• Elementary online courses would be graded and weighted the same as traditional courses, lasting the entire school year. Secondary online courses are worth .5 credits and last either a trimester or semester.

• Attendance will be taken regularly, and all students must follow the guidelines of the FCS Code of Student Conduct as it pertains to attendance requirements.

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