Pierce Downer Battle of the Bands 2018 Sign-Up/Interest Form
The Pierce Downer Battle of the Bands is an opportunity for the PD community to come together by sharing in some great music making. (It's also an opportunity for your children to see once again how cool you are!) If you have always wanted to be in a band - now is the chance! If you and your neighbors are already playing in a band - now is your chance to play for an audience bigger than your garage and without the cops being called! We encourage all ability levels and will work hard to get everyone connected with a band. We are planning on playing at Ballydoyle again later in April (date pending). As a warm-up for that show, we are also planning on a "kid friendly show" at DGN on Friday, April 6th (date confirmation pending). More details about specific dates and times will come later! By completing this form you are indicating your are interested in participating in the Pierce Downer Battle of the Bands 2017. We recognize that this is not a final commitment on your part. Please complete this Sign-Up/Interest Form by October 31st - and tell your friends to do the same!!
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Priority in scheduling and making up bands will be given to current Pierce Downer families.
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2 - Starting to get it together - I would love to try
3 - I can do this! Bring it!
4 - I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty good...
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Please add any additional comments about your abilities and interests below. If you indicated that you play other instruments above, please give us details here.
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What styles of music are you interested in performing? (include specific bands/artists if helpful)
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Are you already in or have you played with a band that you would like to try to keep together again this year? If so, who's in it? (include their instruments/vocals)
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If you ALMOST have a full band together, but need another band member or two (or three), what are you looking for?
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Do you know of anyone who needs encouragement to join in the fun? Please give us names, contact info, and anything else that will help us get them on board!
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Do you have any additional thoughts or suggestions? We appreciate any insights that you have!
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