SMS Notifications Survey
We receive several SMS promotions daily from Restaurants, Super Markets, Malls, Hospitals etc of upcoming offers or events.
This survey is about gathering information to study the actual effectiveness of receiving such notifications and promotions thought text messages.

Please spend 1 mins on the following survey, we would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on how we can improve your experience!

SMS Inbox
Q1. Do you have smart phone ?
Q2. Are you a Male or Female?
Q3. In which age range do you fall?
Q4. How do you use your Smart phone to communicate with your friends and Family members other than calling?
Q5. How quickly do you read your SMS?
Q6. Would you share your phone number with Banks, Mobile Service Providers, Electricity Board Water Board for receiving Utility, Credit/Debit card payment notifications?
Q7. Do you read all the SMS regarding promotions ?
Q8. Would you share your phone number with a business to receive SMS about promotions or special discounts?
Q9. Would you delete promotional SMS without reading them?
Q10. Compared to a year ago, are you receiving more SMS?
Q11. Do you receive unwanted SMS from unknown parties?
Q12. Do you find it difficult to STOP SMS promotions or notifications ?
Q13. Which Service Notifications would you prefer to receive as priority?
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