2021 West Coast Blue Penguin Count
Recording sign of blue penguins for fun and to help penguin conservation! Feel free to complete form for different days, different sites. Thank you for taking part.
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Safety First
Please observe sensible safety precautions: check tide times, advise someone of your location and expected return time, give wildlife a wide berth etc. For more, see our website.
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Date of survey (NB Count dates are provided for your safety in relation to morning surveys and high tides. If you'd like to survey at other times, please do, and take extra care. *
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Blue penguin count - number of outward bound tracks seen *
Blue penguin count - number of penguins seen
Number of banded dotterels seen
Number of variable (more black than pied) oyster catchers seen
Any comments, observations or concerns, e.g. erosion, development, dogs, vehicles, wildlife ...
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