Elemental Dakini Mandala of Emotions Immersion Application
This is the fist step in the process for registering for the 2022 Elemental Dakini Mandala of Emotions Immersion from March 23rd - June 8th 2022. Please answer the questions to the best of your ability and indicate that you are able to attend all of the dates of the immersion and put them on your calendar (one absence is allowed).

Once I've reviewed your answers, I will reach out to you to 1) discuss any questions you may have; 2) follow up with any questions I may have and / or 3) provide a link to registration and to pay.

IMPORTANT: The only recordings that will be available are the actual practices, not the teachings or community sharing.
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Please describe your meditation and / or mantra experience or training. *
Without thinking too much, let this be intuitive, why are you willing to commit time, resources, and energy to this immersion? What is your 'Why?' *
This immersion has the possibility of stirring up uncomfortable or challenging emotions. Do you feel properly resourced to host and hold strong / reactive emotions in a safe way that is appropriate for you? *
Please explain your answer above and list inner and outer resources that you feel will support you in this immersion. (We will, of course be learning some resources, but it's important to be properly resourced outside of the immersion. This could look like somatic experiencing therapy, counseling, hiking / running, working with another teacher, etc..) *
Please indicate if you require any accommodations to make this course more comfortable or accessible for you. Please also indicate if there are any physical or other considerations I should be aware of in order to better serve you.
Are you able to put aside half an hour at some point during the course for a one-on-one check in with me? *
Do you have any questions, curiosities, concerns, or suggestions that I can address?
Because of the nature of this immersion, and the community-based practice nature of the work, I ask that you commit to the entire immersion. Please indicate that you are able to attend the following dates, with one absence allowable and place the dates on your calendar *
I will pay the following fee: (This in no way impacts your acceptance into this course. I trust that you will know what is manageable for you at this point and time in your life.) *
I understand that this immersion does not provide psychological or medical care or advice. The information and materials offered in this immersion are for informational purposes only - they are spiritual practices that you are undertaking at your own risk. I understand that Tara Mahady is not a psychologist or therapist. The teachings and practices are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment. I agree to seek the advice of a physician, psychiatrist, counselor or other qualified health care provider with any questions I may have and will never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something I have learned in these teachings and practices. ​(If you do not have a trusted counselor or psychiatrist, I have a number of talented practitioners that I can refer you to.​) *
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