2021 Kultivate Select Gallery Interest Form
Guidelines For All Galleries:
**Please read carefully, if you agree, proceed with the application**
-All art work must follow the Second Life TOS and the Linden Labs Community Standards
-This is a themed gallery so your gallery must follow the theme of the month
-All artwork must be your own intellectual property or you must have explicit permission to use the artwork
-It is up to you if you sell your artwork or not, It is not required that you sell your artwork
-You must join our rezz group in order to rezz
-All gallery spaces are as is
-You are allowed 30 prims
-All prims must be inside your gallery space, this includes any decoration, nothing can be outside of your gallery space
-Automatic group inviters, temp rezzers, poofers, items that make noise or music or particle makers are not allowed
-You are allowed touch group joiners (count against your prim limit)
-Only one person is allowed to rezz at your space
-After your time frame is up, it is your responsibility to remove your artwork. Failure to remove your artwork within 5 days may result in your items being returned to you
SL Name (no display names please): *
Do you agree to the terms above ? *
Link to examples of your artwork: *
Questions and/or Comments:
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