We ask your kind cooperation for the survey.
Please give us your impression after watching the 'Yabusame Praying for World Peace and People's Health, 'a Japan Cultural Expo Project Presented and Co-presented for year 2020.
Please check the below corresponding items. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
1. How many times have you watched yabusame? *
2. Did you understand the enchantment of yabusame and the need for its continuation? *
3. Would you like to take part in yabusame or give support? *
4. Did the traditional crafts used in yabusame, such as the harness or garments interest you? *
5. Are you interested in watching yabusame on the spot? *
6. What do you think is necessary for the propagation and preservation of yabusame? (plural answers are accepted) *
7. Comments on yabusame
8. Your age, please *
9. With whom did you watch the online delivery? *
10. Last question. Your nationality, please *
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