Agrilab Technologies: Composting & Thermal Energy Inquiry Form
Please provide some basic information to help us better understand your operation and how our technical services and Compost Aeration and Heat Recovery systems can best work for you. This will help make efficient use of time in follow-up interviews and site visits.
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Describe the operation or business you manage. If this is for a farm or agricultural enterprise, what type and size? If this is for a commercial or municipal compost operation, please describe your current production methods, material types and volumes. Please provide as much detail as possible. *
How are you currently managing your biodegradable materials (compost feedstock) generated?
Are you interested in selling the compost produced, or using it on site, or both? *
Please list types, volumes (cubic yards) and weights (tons) of on-site and local feedstocks. *
Estimates can be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Are sources seasonal or year round? If available, please provide feedstock density (cubic yds/ton) and moisture content.
Describe your current or projected hot water, process heat and space heating demands *
Eg: barn, office, greenhouse, shop, aquaculture, digestion, material drying, etc.
What type of heat/hot water fuel(s) are you using, and at what average annual expense? *
If an Agrilab Technologies compost aeration and heat recovery system would give your site enough operating savings to pay for the investment in less than 5 years, how soon would you be interested in proceeding? *
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