Hacks in a Hurry
Among other problems, hackathons are too long (a full weekend is unnecessary) and too unfocused (most people present work that predates the event). We can hack the hackathon!

A team of MIT students is collaborating to create a series of quick, intense hackathons we're calling "Hacks in a Hurry." We'll crowdsource topics from early registrants and announce the topic once you walk in the door. We will select a topic broad enough that you can contribute with any skill set, hardware, software, design, or any non-tech skills you may have. The winners will get prizes, and all will get snacks!

Our first event took place February 6 at Seattle Makers (visit http://hacksinahurry.com/hacki for a summary). We will be hosting a remote hackathon from 6-9 PM PT on Thursday April 2nd on the general theme of the Coronavirus (specific topic to be announced at the beginning).

You can secure a space by pre-registering on this form -- you are also welcome to propose hackathon topics related to the COVID-19 theme!
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