Canada's Business Sophistication Misses the Podium Mark - Ranks 22nd Globally
A leading education system and motivated, smart investor backed entrepreneurs have demonstrated that Canada is a capable inventor and startup nation. Despite this foundation, and stellar performances from a small number of unicorns, our overall return of innovation investment is not performing. The 2019 Global Innovation Index ranks Canada at 17th. Canada gets a podium finish in market sophistication, driven by 1st place in VC investment and JV/alliances, 4th in institutions, and 9th in “innovation inputs” or costly government investments. The bad news is Canada fails to convert to outputs for a reasonable ROI, lagging at 22nd, dragged down by creative outputs and infrastructure (27th) and business sophistication at 22nd. Knowledge and technology outputs and human capital and research also lag at 19th.

Learning from the US and Israel. The US credits the success of their homegrown companies, in part, to a pro-active advocacy culture amongst small businesses. Their commercial culture is evident and they support and promote their own. Israel, the tiny "no market" country with 8 recent unicorns, attributes success to their government's procurement policies, acquiring innovative products from young local companies, and a "global from the start" approach to business. Both of these countries celebrate their innovators and have tight public - private partnerships with small and medium sized companies.

We've engaged hundreds of innovators over the past few months and the consensus is - Canada can do better. Have your say!
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