ROPECRAFT Austin 2019 Volunteer Application -
Thank you for applying to be a ROPECRAFT Volunteer in Austin this year! We are excited to review your application.

Please read all questions carefully and answer to the best of your ability. Applications are continually reviewed as they come in and decisions are made as quickly as possible. Decision letters go out to all applicants after a few weeks of collecting applications.

It is possible these decision letters will not be out before the first ticket price increase. DO NOT BUY A TICKET (Unless you are applying to be a Goodwill volunteer)!

If you are not selected as a volunteer you will still be able to buy tickets at the lowest price at the time of your application. Again, please wait until decision letters have been sent out before you purchase your ROPECRAFT tickets for Austin. If you are applying to be a core or Scheduled volunteer, this application has 5 sections. If you are applying to be a goodwill volunteer (giving two hours of your time to the event), there are only four. Please fill out the application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Section 1 - Introduction to ROPECRAFT Austin Volunteer Application
Section 2 - Who are you and how we'll stay in touch
Section 3 - ROPECRAFT Volunteer Types - including Goodwill
Section 4 - ROPECRAFT Team selection and information about your skills and experience
Section 5 - Volunteer Scheduling Preferences - what works for you.

DONE! just like that. Remember, unless you are applying to be a goodwill volunteer DO NOT BUY A TICKET until you receive a registration code from the volunteer coordinator.

section 1

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