2018 CoreSLP SPHSC Recognition Ceremony Student Introduction Form
During our SPHSC Recognition Ceremony, you will be individually introduced to the audience and we’d like to tell our guests a little about your achievements. If you are participating in the Recognition Ceremony but don’t submit an introduction form to us, we will only be able to read your name, so please share some additional information so we can celebrate you accomplishments with everyone! Please complete this form by June 3, 2018 at 11:00 p.m

Please type the following information in the boxes below as you would like it to be read aloud.

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YOUR NAME - Write your name as you’d like it read, including pronunciation information as you see in the dictionary. For example: Meaghen Snaple (mēgăn snăpel sounds like apple). Please no IPA.
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DEGREE - Include the current UW degree for which you are being recognized, including the quarter of completion. You may include your major/minor areas of study as applicable. For example: Summer 2017, Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology or Spring 2017, Bachelor of Science with a minor in Linguistics
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HONORS & AWARDS - Include any honors or awards you received while enrolled at the UW. These can come from the University (e.g., Top Scholar), SPHSC department (e.g. Mary Gates Scholar, Public Schools Award, etc.), other organizations (e.g., ASHA), etc. Please list when you received the award. Think about all types of monetary and non-monetary awards and accolades - what did you compete for?
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FUTURE PLANS - Indicate where and what you are doing after graduation, (e.g. continuing in school/where/degree?; moving/where?; job/where? traveling/where? marriage?). Please keep this reasonably brief; you can be serious and/or have fun telling folks your plans.
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CONTACT INFORMATION - Please provide your future mailing and email addresses. We don’t read this information at the ceremony, but would like to know how to get in touch with you about post-graduation announcements, photos, department events, etc.
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