Alliance Proposal
General rules from Rule Book:

- An alliance is a collaborative group comprised of multiple chapters
- Alliances that are co-ed will compete in the Fraternity division.
- An Alliance size may not exceed the membership of the largest organization within its division (Fraternity or Sorority), however there is no limit on the number of organizations that form one Alliance.
- Size is determined by each organization’s Spring 2019 roster size
- An Alliance will be responsible for only one registration fee.
- Alliances will stand for the entirety of Greek Week and apply to all events.
- An Alliance must be declared by Wednesday, March 13th and will be approved or rejected by the Overall Chairs by Friday, March 15th based off of size compliance. Alliance approvals will also occur on a rolling basis. It should be noted that the registration deadline for Greek Sing is earlier than this deadline.
- The list of chapter representatives will be sent out, so organizations may reach out to other chapters they wish to team up with

Note that chapter totals are not public information, so we cannot release the size of any chapter except for your own

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