'Secrets to Swedish Writing' course for beginners coming soon!
Learn to write e-mails to friends, e-mails to ask for information, and master general Swedish writing rules.

Why are writing skills so important?
- It's how you express your thoughts, and communicate ideas and views to others.
- We often judge people based on their writing skills (whether you like it or not).
- They give you tools to explain things to a wider audience.
- By writing, we can keep a record of ideas and communication.

About the course:
- 4 written assignment + individual feedback​
- Assignment group call (1 hour) on Zoom for support and feedback​ (in English, with examples in Swedish)
- Handy cheat sheets, check lists and templates​
- Small group size​

This course is perfect for beginners (A1+ and A2), who wish to improve their written Swedish.

Course start: winter/spring 2020 (to be confirmed)

How is it different from other courses?
When you study Swedish in groups (like SFI or Folkuniversitetet, for example), you will rarely (if ever) get detailed, individual feedback on your writing. This is a great opportunity to get feedback and suggestions from Daniel Lind, not only a Swedish teacher but also a published author and a master wordsmith! You will also have the chance to discuss the assignments in detail with Daniel and other students. And you will also get access to many useful cheat sheets and check lists, that you can save and use as tools when you need to write something on your own next time.

We’re only accepting a small number of students for this course. First come first serve, so hurry up if you want this course.

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