Become a Part of the Governor's Cup Assembly Team
Thank you for your interest in helping with the construction of the City of Dreams Pavilion 2013-2014: Governor's Cup!

Please know that FIGMENT, ENYA, and SEAoNY are volunteer based organizations built upon the efforts of their extraordinary volunteers. Please be honest about your availability and commitment to each shift. If changes in your schedule occur, please communicate that to us ASAP. If you sign up for shifts now and want to sign up for more later, that's great! Simply re-submit this form. If there are any questions, please send an email to

Spread The Word!
It will require the help of many many people to construct this pavilion. Please share this opportunity with anyone who knows that a few hours of their time can contribute to making a huge difference.

Earning Credit As A Volunteer:
Did you know that you can earn IDP credit towards architectural licensing for your participation in the City of Dreams Pavilion takedown? If interested in learning more about using your build hours towards satisfying the IDP requirement, please contact

General Information About the City of Dreams Pavilion:
To know more about the project, the designers, and the design competition, please visit:

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Cup Collection Volunteering
General Information:
20,000 cups is a lot of cups! Our plan is to collect clear, plastic PETE 12-22oz. cups after large public events and also through partnership with local businesses and cultural institutions. We will temporarily install depositories for recycling plastic cups in various locations throughout the city. These will be printed with information about Figment NYC 2014 and the City of Dreams Pavilion, along with ways for the public to participate. Volunteers will rally at events and collect cups from local sources. It is important to note that each cup contributes to the design and is really the heart of the project!

Cups Collection throughout the city starts immediately and will be ongoing through April. Dates and times are flexibly TBD as we identify key cup sources.

Governor's Cup Construction at CDR Studio
All listed activities below will take place at the CDR Studio. Please read the information below carefully before signing up for a shift.

Signing Up As a Construction Volunteer required the following:

Select a shift time on this form.
The information is entered into our system. Don't forget to hit submit at the bottom of this form!

What To Wear And Bring?
Wear:clothing that you wouldn't mind getting moderately dirty, work gloves
Tools:tools, when needed, will be specified for the specific day.

About Confirmations: After you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email approximately --2 days-- before your shift begins. If you signed up, and forgot to record your days, no worries! Simply send an email to and we'll gladly recap your selected days and shifts.

Current Pavilion Build Location (As of March 8th, 2014):
CDR Studio
120 Walker Street, Suite 6E, New York, NY 10013
(J, N, Q, R & 6 Subway Lines)

Kickstarter Campaign
Please donate to in order to be able to fully complete project. There's some amazing prizes!!!!
Pavilion Assembly at CDR Studios
General Information:
The pavilion is inspired by hand-made crochet techniques, resulting in a lace-like pattern generated with the help of computational scripting. Once collected, the discarded cups are then cleaned and punched for drainage, then stitched together with zipties to build the serpentine structural "tape", then we will be build the topographical in-fill web. Our goal is to build one of the eight loops of the canopy a week. Aside from the raw materials, the Governors Cup canopy itself is all handmade, and we could use yours!

Assembly of parts prior to installation at Governor's Island will begin at the end of February and run through April. This will occur at CDR Studio in lower Manhattan on specific days and times through the week, listed below..

***Currently there are no more dates for CDR Studio Assembly, please refer to Governor's Island Assembly days***

Pavilion Assembly on Governor's Island
General Information:
For all dates before Memorial Day Weekend, all interested volunteers must sign up 3 business days before the desired date to volunteer in order for us to schedule with governor's island ferry that you will be coming.
Saturday, Aug 16th, 2014 (ON GOVERNOR'S ISLAND)
Infill (sign up in advance to be notified)
If any questions, concerns, or uncertainties about info listed or unlisted, feel free to contact
Resource Links
The City of Dreams Pavilion Governor's Cup:

About CDR Studio - The 2014 City of Dreams Pavillion Winners!

(ENYA)The Emerging New York Architects Committee of the AIA:

(SEAoNY)The Structural Engineers Association of NY:

To see what else is going on this summer at FIGMENT visit:

Directions to Governors Island (For Construction Days on Island):

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