2017 Auction Volunteer Form
Penland’s 2017 Annual Benefit Auction is Friday and Saturday, Aug 11 - 12.

Hands down, it is some of the most fun you will have all year. We have many repeat volunteers and a few that have been been here for the past 30 years!

VOLUNTEERING FOR THE AUCTION IS PHYSICALLY DEMANDING WORK. Penland is on a mountain and you will always be WALKING ON HILLS AND STAIRS. All jobs require you to be ON YOUR FEET most of the day and many of the JOBS REQUIRE LIFTING. Please decide if you are physically able to volunteer.

UPDATE: Today is July 3 and WE DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE HOUSING. We have a waitlist and will not be adding any more to it. Local volunteers that do not require housing are very welcome.

* An ASTERISK in the form below means it is a required question.

Thank you for your support!

Please direct any questions to penlandvolunteer@gmail.com

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