Reentry Mentorship Initiative Application
In an effort to reduce our residents' recidivism rates, we pair mentees with an empathetic, consistent, and positive peer mentor during, immediately before, or after their incarceration. Complete this application to become a mentor for one of our residents reentering our communities!

Mission: to teach creative writing to youth who are incarcerated to empower their voices and assist in their re-entry into society. 

Vision: to reduce the recidivism rates of our residents and participate in the transformation of the juvenile justice system.

  1. Form a deep one-on-one mentoring relationship with a current or former resident in a Writers in Residence Creative Writing Workshop to assist in their reentry into their home community. 
  2. Provide connection to community resources pertinent to your mentee's needs and goals (job, housing, food assistance, other social services). 
  3. Help your mentee achieve their goals which they will outline in their Care Plan at the time of their assessment (completed by the Reentry Director). 
  4. Serve as an advocate, mandated reporter, and mentor for your mentee to reduce their chances of recidivism. 
  1. Meet with their mentee on a regular (ideally weekly) basis. 
  2. Balance relationship building with work towards goals in the Care Plan. 
  3. Provide linkage to community resources as needed by the mentee (with assistance from the Reentry Director as needed). 
  4. Create an open and safe space for their mentee to build their self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-awareness. 
  5. Complete a short contact note for each interaction with your mentee.
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This survey is developed by Candid to help understand who leads and supports our organization, as we build an inclusive culture that respects diverse perspectives in all our work. We will reflect who we are by sharing this information externally on our nonprofit profile and with funders and donors who request it. 

Our leader will be identified as an individual. Board, staff, and volunteer information will be aggregated and shared for the group.  

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